Meet the Student Leadership Team

Zahra Ali, Ruby Bains, Jessica Masih, Cyra Friday. Carys Scichilone 




“May we take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and welcome you to St Hilda’s College, a college which prides itself on its warm and friendly atmosphere. Our sustained track record of excellence through results and OFSTED inspections demonstrate our abilities to help students succeed, helping them to discover and realise their potential. Not only do we thrive academically, but we also have exceptional pastoral care. The opportunities St Hilda’s has offered us have been amazing. We encourage you to make the same choice, you won’t regret it!

The Student Leadership Team works very closely with all students and college staff. We run the student council, the college ambassadors programme, prom committee, fundraising, peer mentors programme and many other things as well as being the link between students and staff. The team consists of our Presidents Cyra Friday and Jessica Masih who are supported by our Vice-Presidents, Zahra Ali, Ruby Bains and Carys Scichilone. We meet almost on a daily basis and work together to make the college the best it can be”