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The College dress code at St Hilda’s was originally chosen by students at the school and has recently been modified based on student feedback. The College dress code promotes equality between students and models the expectations .

College students are expected to set a good example to the rest of the school in their appearance which should be smart at all times.


The College Dress Code consists of:

  • A grey blazer with embroidered school badge purchased from Trutex, 298 St Mary’s Road, Garston, Liverpool 19
  • A plain white shirt that is suitable for wearing with a tie
  • Black straight leg tailored trousers. These should be suitable for wearing in an office environment
  • A plain black sweater, cardigan or sleeveless pullover without trimming or logo.  Hooded tops are not permitted
  • College tie; purchased from Trutex, 298 St Mary’s Road, Garston, Liverpool 19
  • Plain black or navy headscarf (if worn)
  • Black shoes without trimming or logo
  • Belts – black,  plain and simple in design.  No chains, studs etc.


In addition, for girls:

  • A plain black skirt of approximate knee length. This should be suitable for wearing in an office environment.
  • Black pinafore dress, approximate knee length.
  • Plain black or flesh coloured tights.


For both boys and girls:

  • Jewellery, make up, hairstyles and hair colours should be modest, not extravagant.
  • Facial piercings, with the exception of those in the ears and a small nose stud, are not allowed under any circumstances.  If a student has a tattoo, it must remain covered at all times.


Coats and scarves should not be worn around school and should be placed in a locker on arrival to school.

Students who do not comply with the uniform code may be sent home to change. The final decision about the suitability of any item is at the discretion of the Headteacher.

Parents and students are expected to support this uniform policy as part of the student/school agreement.