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0151 733 2709 | 0151 735 0530 | [email protected]


Your attendance is taken from your timetabled activities. It should not fall below 95%. If you have an unplanned absence e.g. due to sickness, you must ensure that the school is notified before 8:30. For all planned absences e.g. trips, driving test etc., a yellow ‘request for absence’ form must be completed at least a full 24 hours in advance. Your parent/carer must sign this.

If attendance falls below 95%, intervention will be triggered.

Students should ensure they arrive promptly for their tutorial, assemblies and all lessons.


Illness and Absence

All absence from school should be reported by ringing 0151 733 2709 or emailing [email protected]

This should be done before 8:30am on the first day of absence. If we do not receive notification of absence, the absence will be classed as unauthorised.

If you feel unwell during the day and are unable to continue in school you must see Miss McDonald (College Manager) or a member of the College Team for permission to leave school. Remember to sign out before leaving the premises by swiping your student card.  It is important to minimise absences so that you complete your full courses properly. The school discourages holidays taken during term time. Any requests for term time holidays must be submitted to Mrs Code, Headteacher.

Driving tests, not theory tests, are allowed in school time but not driving lessons.

Please note: Routine medical appointments, dental checks and eye tests should be arranged outside any timetabled activities.


If you know that you are going to be absent from lessons for any reason you must complete a yellow form at least 24 hours in advance.  This must be signed by subject teachers and then taken to Miss McDonald for authorisation.



Registration is taken in all timetabled events. This then counts towards your attendance.  Students should remember that universities and prospective employers often request the student’s attendance and punctuality record.