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Post 16 – key information


Applying to University

Parents may be interested in our free resources to support those applying to university in the 2021/2022 academic year:

  1. The Parents’ Guide to Personal Statements.  Download here
  2. Ideas to help teens choose the right university course. Read more
  3. The ‘Ultimate University Shopping List’ with links to recommended buys. Download here


Thinking about Apprenticeships

Parents may be interested in our free resources to consider whether apprenticeships could be the right choice for their teen:

  1. Apprenticeship levels, entry requirements and possible qualifications. Download here
  2. Is an apprenticeship a good choice for all teens? Discover more
  3. How has the pandemic affected apprenticeships? Learn more

Talking about next steps with teens

  1. Qualification levels – from Year 11 to Year 13: different types of qualifications and where they can lead. Learn more
  2. Board game to discuss Post-16 options. Download here
  3. Board game to discuss Post 18 options. Download here
  4. Virtual work experience – with regularly updated opportunities. Discover more
  5. Starting a business. Read more

Preparing for Results Day 2021

  1. Awarding academic grades without exams.Learn more
  2. Awarding vocational and technical qualifications in 2021.Discover more
  3. Preparing for GCSE Results Day 2021. Read more
  4. Sixth Form Results Day 2021 flowchart. Download here